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Hi, welcome to my website and thank you for visiting it.

Here you'll find information about the services I offer:

  • one-to-one counselling
  • independent and personally-tailored funeral ceremonies (including advance wishes)

These services are completely separate so my contact with you will be as either a counsellor or a celebrant.

Being a counsellor and a celebrant may seem a strange combination but, for me, it makes perfect sense. I'm passionate about people being able to say what they need to at difficult and challenging times. Both parts of my work are about reflecting on life - just at different times.

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Counselling: do you need to talk about difficult feelings without being judged? Are you struggling with loss, challenge or change? Perhaps you feel 'disconnected' from yourself, from others, from life? Or maybe you're always looking out for others and need some space for yourself?

Funerals: would you like a ceremony which is personally tailored to reflect the life and character - the essence - of the person who has died? Do you want a service which can draw from different sources and beliefs - religious, non-religious, spiritual? Are you perhaps thinking about your own funeral and what you might like for it when the time comes?

Then maybe - if you live in Edinburgh and the Lothians - I can help. Hopefully my website will help answer many of the questions you have but please feel free to contact me if you’d like to find out more.

Contact: 07814 847059 | counselling@sallypendreigh.com | funerals@sallypendreigh.com