Person Centred Counselling

Hello, and welcome

A photograph of Sally

If you're here, I'm guessing that something's not right for you just now, in your own life and/or in the world around you? And that you need something to be different, to be better, or just less hard.

Have you always felt 'different' or worried that something's 'wrong' with you because you're affected by things much more deeply than others? Do you see or make sense of the world in a way that others don't? Struggle to cope with environments that are too busy or too noisy? Often find yourself at odds with others and don't understand why?

Perhaps you're living with a hidden loss, or something that others don't fully understand or can't sympathise with?

Or maybe you're struggling with a particular issue or experiencing difficult feelings?

A photograph of stepping stones over water in a Japanese garden.

Any of these challenges can leave you feeling isolated, alone, invisible, misunderstood, overwhelmed, exhausted, disconnected from others or - sometimes the biggest battle - in conflict with yourself.

Maybe you would benefit from what the author Matt Haig calls "the soul anchoring joy of being understood". That starts with you being seen, being heard and being able to be yourself. As you are, as you feel, without judgement.


  • being able to say what's going on for you, without having to defend or justify yourself
  • being allowed to express and explore what might seem like contradictory emotions
  • being welcomed for who you are instead of having to apologise for it or hide it
  • being free to finish the sentence, "This'll seem weird but........".

Well, you don't have to imagine. You can give yourself a chance to find out. It's free to get in touch if you think I might be able to help.

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