Advance Wishes

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More and more people are beginning to think about what they'd like for their own funeral - the music they'd like, poems or readings that are meaningful to them, how they would like to be remembered and what they might like to say. Other people's funerals often give us ideas of what we would or wouldn't like for our own.

If you'd like to record advance wishes for your funeral, I can meet with you to discuss the arrangements you'd like to have in place. For example we can talk about:

  • the type of ceremony you would like and where you'd like it to be held
  • who you would like to conduct the ceremony
  • content (music, poetry, readings)
  • who you would like to participate (speak, sing or play live music, be pallbearers)
  • any particular events or memories you would like covered, or things you'd like said
  • practical arrangements such as which funeral director you would like to use, any funeral pre-payment information, if you'd like a chartiy collection and/or a reception

Or you may also want me to write part, most or all of the ceremony. I can do that too.

Having some plans in place can take some of the pressure off loved ones at what will be an emotional and difficult time for them. And, of course, it gives you the chance to have a say in your own farewell. There may be things that matter to you a great deal which no-one else knows the significance of.

Please note that helping you make advance arrangements for your funeral does not put you under any obligation to choose me to conduct the ceremony. If, however, you did then the fee for your advance wishes would be taken off the fee for conducting the funeral.

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