About My Funeral Services

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I offer two types of personally-tailored funeral service:

  • creating and delivering a ceremony for family and friends after a death
  • helping people make known advance wishes for their own funeral

Death comes to us all but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with when it happens. And when it does, those left behind have only a few days to think about the funeral - how to mark the end of a life, to do justice to the person's life and character, and to acknowledge their own grief and loss.

Funerals are very personal events and it’s important that you can say goodbye in a way that's right for you. That will be reflected in different ways for different people - we're as different in dealing with death as we are in dealing with life. So you can have music, poetry, readings, hymns, prayers, religious references or not, photographs – the choice is yours and is as wide as your imagination.

A funeral can be a healing experience when you feel involved in shaping the ceremony and, if you feel able, participating on the day. And it can be a final act of love that will live on in your heart and in the hearts of those who attended.

I always bear in mind the words of one of the people whose funeral I conducted. Before she died, she told a friend

"Whatever you do, make sure my funeral is about the person who people knew and can recognise".

If I can help you capture that, then I will have done my job.

Contact: 07814 847059 | funerals@sallypendreigh.com