The Person-Centred Approach

My professional counselling training is in the person-centred approach developed by Carl Rogers. It's based on the belief that we all have it within ourselves to be happier, more confident and reach our potential if we are:-

  • given the chance to say how life is from our point of view, and really listened to and heard
  • allowed to express ourselves without being judged for what we say or how we feel
  • treated genuinely, and with interest, respect and trust
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You might wonder how this helps but it’s surprising how rarely we are offered this sort of support. Often people think they know what's best for us, don't have time to listen or don't 'get' how we feel. And sometimes we can stop ourselves from saying what we really feel - because we want to protect others, look as if we are coping and not admit our fears.

So, voicing how we feel without advice or judgement can be very liberating. When you don’t have to protect others, seek approval or worry about sounding confused, you're free to be more open and honest about things and with yourself. That, in turn, can help clarify what’s going on for you, what your choices might be and how you want to deal with things in future.

That's what my counselling offers. It doesn’t mean counselling will solve all your worries….but it can be a step on the way to helping you find your way through them.

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