What People Say

About my counselling

“Your reflections really help me make connections I hadn't seen before. What a difference that makes.”

“I feel so supported and safe talking to you. And you let me feel how I feel without judging me for it.”

“I was nervous at first but you put me at ease and really listened.”

“I haven't been able to talk to anyone the way I talk to you.”

“I know the answer is within us all, but sometimes you never find a way of unlocking your inner thoughts or finding your way. You certainly did that for me and I am truly grateful”

“Our sessions became an invaluable lifeline to me and I don't think I would be anywhere near the place I am today without having been able to speak to you, especially in those really difficult weeks.”

“You’ve helped me see what the problem really was. I hadn’t seen that before”.

“I could be myself for an hour a week.”

“Your fantastic listening skills were perfect company on my journey.”

About my funeral ceremonies

“I cannot thank you enough for my mother's funeral. By remembering the person that my mother had been, before dementia had robbed her of everything, that made her the person we knew again. We gave my mother a beautiful send-off and you were instrumental in making that happen.”

“The family were absolutely delighted with the ceremony you did for them. They thought it was absolutely exceptional and captured the spirit of their dad exactly as they wanted. [Funeral Director]”

Thank you for doing us proud. The service was lovely. You were so easy to talk to, it made us relax. You really listened to what we said. What you wrote made us laugh and made us cry”

"Our sincere thanks to you for the beautiful service you delivered yesterday. It was perfectly pitched and you really brought out the important points, stories, and memories so that everyone attending could immediately recognise our mum, and remember her fondly”.

“That was fabulous. You really got my sister and captured her to a tee. Thank you so much”

“I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to do the funeral”

“You did a fantastic job. The family were very touched by the kind words evoked by yourself: the genuine empathy you showed shone through and quite a few people will be seeking your services in the future”

“On behalf of my family I would like to express our thanks. We certainly felt that you did our father proud and delivered the service as we wished."

“You managed to sum up my mum so well and I thank you so much for doing that."

“Thank you so much for yesterday's service. You managed to bring out my aunt's character traits and personality and skillfully merged the comments from relatives on two continents. Not an easy task. Everyone commented on how personal the service was and how it helped us to remember happier times."